Setting Up a Blog

Hello everyone,

How do you start a blog?   No really, how do you start one?  They’re everywhere and it seems like you should just be able to find someplace online and start writing.  But many of the Financial Independence Retire Early blogs look nice, and I want mine to look nice.  And I don’t know the first thing about blogging.

I googled, “How to start a blog.”  There were 1,860,000,000 results.  1.86 BILLION.  Am I reading that correctly?   Good grief.  I’ll just look through the top 10 to find 1 that seems doable.  I found a “how to start a blog” in 10 easy steps page, so there we go.  Sometimes, I can become crippled with anxiety about the right way to do things, which means I never do it.  It’s easier just to take a select an arbitrary array of options and choose one. I can always make adjustments later, and if it costs me in the long run then that’s life.  My goal is to “try.”  And what I’ve learned being a twin parent is that “pretty good” is actually okay.  The important thing is to just keep going.

You’re reading this blog, which means I actually got it up and running.  For that, I want to thank WordPress Live for walking me through the process using a screen share capability.

Thoughts?  I really am looking for suggested improvements, so please add them in the comments box, etc.  I’m a self-confessed rookie and appreciate any tips from the pros or from anyone looking at it who thinks, “This could be just a little bit better if he would …”  

I followed the advice of an expert from my google search results.  I like step-by-step guides, so this person’s site appealed to my sense of order.  
The expert site recommended that I choose WordPress for the domain and Blue Something for the platform.  Or maybe I’m confusing what they do and who their names are.  I don’t know.  I’m not a genius.  And one of the twins was up a couple of times last night, so I’m a little foggy brained.

Hopefully, if you are reading this blog someday after our family achieved financial independence, my complete lack of expertise will give you confidence that you can go out there and do the same thing, but better.  And if we never made it to $1,000,000 Net Worth then I’m certain this forum will be littered with examples of, “Maybe if he had done X better, or learned a little more about Y.”  

I’m not going to say that I’m doing the best I can.  I’d say I’m doing just enough research and action to move the pieces ahead one space.  But the blog is up and running, so that’s a start.  And from here… nowhere to go but up (insert nervous face emoji).

Keep Moving Forward,

Twin Dad

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