Twins Are More Difficult is a great website for future or current dads.  I admittedly don’t read many books on parenting or child development, but Fatherly provides bite-sized advice and humor for the sleep-interrupted father of twins.  This article helped me feel like I’m not crazy and that twins are more challenging to begin with, though many other parents promise me that it gets easier.

Having Twins Is Hard. Really Hard. But Here Are 5 Pretty Sweet Upsides

Key Takeaways:

The much-provided advice that it gets better at the age of 4 for twins is echoed in print format, which I needed today after a difficult week with the Twins.

“If you already have kids before twins arrive, and still want more after, you’re either very brave or insane.”   LOL (cheers clink of beer-filled pint glass)

“Now, I love pretending to be a dressage pony as much as the next man, but there’s only so long an adult can maintain enthusiasm for such things. Which is why it was a revelation when the twins started playing together. Admittedly it always ends in a fight, but for those few glorious moments, you are truly living the twin dream.”  I’m getting 5 – 10 minute moments like these every day or so.  It’s momentarily glorious and I will strive to remember them during the endless fights.

Unrelated, but I’m ‘retweeting’ this because my twins both need to go if we stop for one:

Keep Moving Forward twin parents,

Twin Dad

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